Welcome to brad's home page. I gave up on the blog and the photo galleries since most of that stuff is now covered by social networking and image sharing websites. Still, I wanted to have a place on the web for my links, downloadable files, and other random items that didn't really fit anywhere else. Plus, I keep the domain name so that I can maintain my e-mail addresses. Featured random pics change... at random. Thanks for visiting!
my links
my code
> Magic 6 Ball - a Windows application. Predict your future! (see it)
> delete duplicate rows (VBA) - deletes rows in a spreadsheet with a duplicate value in row "A"
> Sharon's Script - javascript that blanks out check boxes if you select the 'n/a' one
> hide your eMail - JavaScvript that keeps web crawlers from finding your e-mail address
> change Stylesheets Daily - JavaScript that automatically changes your stylesheet daily