Welcome to brad's home page. I gave up on the blog and the photo galleries since most of that stuff is now covered by social networking and image sharing websites. (Well, until Photobucket pulled their ransom job) Still, I wanted to have a place on the web for my links, downloadable files, and other random items that didn't really fit anywhere else. Plus, I keep the domain name so that I can maintain my e-mail addresses. Thanks for visiting!

I still do web design for projects that I have strong feelings about. Most are simple one pagers or Wordpress adaptations that allow the owner to maintain their site. If you need something, I might be your guy, so let me know.

> twinstarfever - 50+ honda twinstars on a custom wordpress site maintained by me
> schmidtdean.com - art gallery, philadelphia, pa - custom wordpress site developed by me, maintained by the owner
> broke bastard racing - a fan site - I'm not only the developer, I'm also a sponsor
> weirless.net - my travel blog

> magic 6 ball - a windows application that allows you to predict your future! (see it)
> sharon's script - javascript that blanks out check boxes if you select the 'n/a' one
> hide your eMail - javascript that keeps web crawlers from finding your e-mail address
> change stylesheets daily - javascript that automatically changes your stylesheet daily

> delete duplicate rows - (VBA) deletes rows in a spreadsheet with a duplicate value in row "A"

> magic 8 baLL - predict your future

> - sned me an e-mail
> my cyclography - every motorcycle I've ever owned

Bonneville Salt Flats