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site links archives 07/07/18 | Tiny Churches - I'm not a religious person, but these tiny churches fascinate me. There are several in Arizona, and these are my two favorite. Both of these are basically put up by private parties and exist as roadside attractions for anyone to stop, pause, and worship. People may chose to leave donations, but there are no fees and these are both unmanned. You really do just stop, reflect and then move on. The Salome church is 8 x 16. It sits on private property, but there is a roadside sign encouraging you to pause, rest, and worship. The Yuma church is closer to 8 x 12. Like the other, there is a roadside sign encouraging you to pause, rest, and worship.

The Salome chapel is several miles off of I-10, exit 80. It's near the town of Salome, but it's not an interstate drive by. You will need to seek this out if you want to see it. However, it is quaint and charming and it is a non-demomination place of worship, that seems to invite all who find it. I go there several times each year since I have moved to Arizona. I don't stay long, but for me it is a nice place to re-center myself and to reflect on things. It used to have 4 folding chairs to give it seating for eight, but they have been removed. Perhaps it is to allow wedding parties to stand? I'm not sure, but either way, it's still inviting.

The Yuma church is several miles off of I-8 just outside of Yuma. This one appears to be on a working farm and like the Salome chapel, you probably won't find it unless you are looking for it. (P.S. look for it!) One of the neat things about the little church in Yuma is that this one seats twelve congregants in spite of being smaller than the Salome church. Another interesting observation about the Yuma church is that I always see a lot more in the way of remembrances there. Sometimes it's a bottle of pop or a dollar bill with the person's name written on it. Today it was a picture of a young lady who was taken much too soon inscribed with the memories of a person who lost her.

Although both of these are a bit out of the way, I make it a point to visit them whenever the opportunity presents itself. Neither place has an official website, but they aren't hard to find on Google.

Here is a link for the Salome church.
And here is a link for the Yuma church.

Salome exterior
Salome interior
Yuma exterior
Yuma interior