Mark’s bike

Randy’s friend Mark sent in these pics. He says it’s nothing special, but then follows with this

I am the original owner and purchased it new in 1983 when there was a small glut of Japanese bikes on the market, so as a 1981 model it was still in the packing crate in 1983. The bike has about 12K miles, and the only non-stock item is the roll bar. The tires have been replaced just once, two years ago. Runs great, gets 75mpg give or take a little. Feels like it could run forever. Thanks again for the fun website.

I think there is something VERY SPECIAL about a bike purchased in 1983 that is still owned and ridden by its original owner. Rock on Mark! *** UPDATE *** I’m told that Mark got this after he sold his first Twinstar to his friend Randy and had seller’s remorse.

Straight side view – looks factory fresh.

The other side, looks just as good!