My Twinster

I called it the Twinster because I used a tank from an old Sportster. Comments have ranged from “What year is your Harley?” to “What the hell is that thing?” Latest mods include shocks off of a Sportster.

Project pix! This is how I took it from stock to cafe.

Stock. Just as I bought it.

Rear fender removed. Sporty tank laid in place. Seat mockup (to estimate the stance)

Here’s the cafe seat I just bought off eBay. Brandi says she’s gonna paint it for me!

New tank, seat, and bars. Laid in place ~ now I need to make some brackets

Another view from the same stage.

Almost done except bolting it together and tuning it up. 12/10/07

Walking around to the back.

Skinny, ain’t she? Still need a seat pad though.

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