Neil’s bike

Sept. 2010 – Neils updated plan

Started to move toward my vision. Removed the fenders, crash bar, rear indicators. GOT HER RUNNING! Sounds pretty good for a little bike, the PO removed the baffles.

Next steps

  • DIY brats style seat
  • clean up the the old CB350 tank and hammer out the tunnel to fit
  • chop the back fender and mount

Sept. 2010 – Neil sent this Photoshop of his vision.

Neil contacted me in July 2010. His plan is as follows:

  • Get her running
  • Change handle bars to clubman or clip ons
  • Change tank to something a little more Cafe
  • Remove front fender
  • Chop back fender
  • Change to cafe seat

Rear view

Guess he needs a tank after all…