George’s bike

Sept. 2010 – I got a nice e-mail from George detailing his plans. Here’s his starting point

Here’s another before shot and George’s story.

My 1978 CM185T Twinstar was given to me about 1 year ago. I was finishing off my basement and my sheetrock contractor noticed the other bikes I had in my garage. A 76 XS650 I had bobbed, a 75 XS650 in pieces and an 02 Suzuki Marauder. He also works on bikes. The next day he came over he said he had an old 1978 Honda Twinstar he didn’t want and if I wanted it I could just go get it out of his drive way. A friend of his cleans out repo’d houses and this bike was in the garage of one so he dropped it off at my sheet rockers house.

I did a little research and some leg work spent $5.00 and got a title for it. It was in rough shape but the motor was not siezed. As you can see it has had some custom work done to it. It was actually in worse condition when I first got it. The first thing I did was clean out the carb and put some lube down the cylinders. I had some other projects to finish before I got to the Twinstar.

It was missing some parts that I have gathered from ebay over the last year, kickstart lever, air filter cover, front brake cable, and a new rear fender the old one was painted black like the rest of the bike. It was also missing the coil. I bid on a couple on ebay but they went for too much $$ for my free Twinstar that I didn’t know would even run. I found a 6v dual output coil from for $24.00 that was for old Harleys. So I added it in with another order I was making. While the coil was on it’s way I picked up a battery. I finally had what I needed to see if this thing would run. So one Friday night I took the points out cleaned them, gaped them and set the timing. Cleaned and gaped the plugs and connected the new coil. Hooked up the gas tank from my snowblower turned the key and gave it a kick. It fired a bit on the first kick and started on the second. Amazing!! I tweaked the carb a little and it runs quite well.

So what now? I am going to take the old original back rear seat from my Marauder and put it on with a luggage rack behind it. I think some lower bars probably. Then a good cleaning and a repaint. Maybe find a good used chrome front fender. The overall look will be more like the Honda Benly. The Benly I guess was a popular model in Asia the recent ones look just like the CM frames.

George’s inspiration – Honda Benly